Saint found his very own Saint!

Saint is the poster dog for an adoption success story.  He came to Hilton Head Humane after being found wandering on SC 170.  He was emaciated, a strong heartworm positive, and had the top of his ears chopped off. The poor guy was so shy, and so afraid of meeting new people.  He didn’t show well to prospective adopters, as he hid his shyness behind a false bravado of barking and looking fierce.

But there was another Saint out there – a human Saint – looking to adopt a dog.  This kind woman with a big heart took a chance on this senior guy, and after 8 years in the shelter, Saint found his home!

His mom says “Saint makes me laugh every single day.  I love his smile and can’t get enough of his wagging little stub of a tail. He’s my little sidekick – as in literally – he’s always by my side.  He follows me everywhere and is always standing at the door, wagging his tail, waiting on me when I get home from work. Saint reminds me of how much love we have to share. He reminds me that there is always some joy to be found. He reminds me that every single day is precious.  I know adopting senior pets isn’t for everyone, but I highly recommend it.”

We are happy to report Saint is the other household dog’s best buddy, and the cat loves him too and likes to cuddle up next to him.

What a super adoption success!