Puma Thurman

Puma Thurman had a rough start: she came to HHHA after her former owners abandoned her when they moved for who-knows how long before someone found her in an empty apartment. She bolted out and found herself in a feral colony for a bit before one of the colony caretakers noticed she wasn’t feral. Poor Puma Thurman was terrified at the shelter and all the interventions we had tried hadn’t made her less fearful. She did, though, love to be pet and brushed, and enjoyed the quiet company of volunteers and staff. She was eventually adopted by a family that had only ever had dogs, and Puma Thurman fit right in with her new canine “pack.” Ever since, Puma Thurman has blossomed and become a playful, loyal, loving companion. She is no longer shy and has no problem making herself comfortable with anyone who visits.